A bit more about us... 

The Taranaki Conservationists started way back around 2013, as a small group of young  ecologists. Since then, we have grown into a movement, of passionate people - young and old.  


We are a group of volunteers, run by volunteers. We help out where we can, and encourage others to join us.  These are some of the things we get up to:  

Beach clean-ups

We love partnering with other organisations to clean up beaches around the region. Sometimes, we even do yoga first! Doing a beach clean is a simple, quick way to reduce pollution on our beautiful beaches. 

Pest control

Conservation in New Zealand is often about managing invasive predators! Many groups rely on volunteers for these tasks. We help check traps, fill bait stations, and put out tracking tunnels for monitoring.  


Many hands make light work! Winter is planting season, and we are keen to get as many plants in the ground as we can! Coming back a few years later to see the plants growing up is just the best feeling! 

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Our  partners & supporters: 

The Taranaki Conservationists are proud members of Wild for Taranaki - the regional biodiversity coordination agency. Like us, WFT are passionate about encouraging more people to get involved in conservation in our beautiful region! Wild for Taranaki have kindly provided funding to us for certain aspects of our work - including website hosting costs and our event banners. Thanks! 

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Proud members of Wild for Taranaki

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